Favre Can Still Play

I saw every Minnesota Vikings game the last 2 seasons and assure you Favre is not the problem. Let’s start with Brad Childress who made many poor coaching decisions like micromanaging the offensive. He was clueless as an offensive coordinator in his Philadelphia days because Andy Reid assumed that role. Many people let the media control their thinking like T.O. tore up the Eagles locker room but obvious Childress has issues because Percy Harvin wanted to beat his behind. He has that Napoleon syndrome and was happier about being Brett Favre’s boss. He made a major mistake cutting Sage and trading Chester Taylor. Chester Taylor is a great 3rd down back that pass protects well something Adrian Peterson did not do last year. Favre’s success in 2009 can be credited to Sage Rosenfels a little bit because he was helping Favre read the pictures on the sidelines. The offensive line did not pass protect at all allowing Favre to take too many hits that added up. I am not saying Favre had his best year but there were other factors going on. Bernard Berrian did not live up to a 6 million dollar a year contract and he has not done that since his Chicago days. The Vikings had no consistency at the wide-receiver position all year beside Percy. Favre was discouraged as well because Sydney Rice missed most of the year. Lets being honest the entire team was not as good as 2009. Adrian Peterson caught more yards than Bernard Berrian. This thing is bigger than Brett Favre. Favre would do well in the NFL this season and would be better suited playing in the NFC West.


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